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Real Estate & Property


athis, Martin & Kidnay helps clients with the development, construction, sale, lease and license, or other transfer of property. We help whether it’s residential or commercial. Often, during the sale or exchange of property, an attorney will be needed to assist clients in the planning and structuring of ways to invest in or develop real estate. This includes:

  • Partnerships– Real estate partnerships require making modifications and agreements. Real estate lawyers can aid in negotiation.
  • Corporations– Corporate leases, sales, and transactions regarding real estate can be effectively backed up with an attorney.
  • LLCs– Seek out aid to figure out how to transfer LLC titles regarding state court decisions.
  • Negotiating and drafting a contract– This may involve contracts regarding leasing property, selling property, or negotiating and drafting other contracts related to real estate.
  • Reviewing a title– This could be for insurance policies, preparing deeds, or other related documents and real estate.

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Disputes and questions often arise about access to property, boundary lines, easement across and over properties, and problems in the titling of property. We also handle disputes concerning the use or attributes of property. In Western Colorado, real estate and property disputes are common and frequent issues and require a Colorado real estate lawyer. Our leasing practice includes the representation of both landlords and tenants in lease transactions in Western Colorado.


If you have a property or real estate problem, the real estate lawyers at Mathis, Martin & Kidnay Law Firm have the knowledge and experience to guide you to a successful solution.

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