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Colorado Department of Wildlife Violations

Often, hunters, anglers, and other outdoor enthusiasts violate Department of Wildlife (DOW) regulations when they are visiting Colorado. Whether it be intentional or unintentional, a DOW violation can have serious consequences. There are many possible violations, but there are a few common violations that happen frequently.


Trespassing is one of the most common violations with the DOW. More often than not, violators accidentally wander onto private land or land that has hunting, fishing, and trespassing regulations that they break.

Hunters and fishers can avoid trespassing by being aware of their surroundings. Sometimes, private land signs are not posted so it’s important to know where private and leased lands are or are not located.

If you are a hunter or angler that is not a local citizen and you receive a trespassing charge, the Mathis, Martin & Kidnay Law Firm has the ability to represent you with knowledge of the local DOW laws and regulations.

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Hunting or Fishing Without a License

When hunting, it’s necessary to have a license and tag (the latter depending on the animal hunted). They each specify what species and sometimes gender of animal you may hunt. Each also determines the allowable time and location for hunting. Failing to have either could result in legal action.

Similarly, fishing also requires a license if over the age of 16 in Colorado.


Illegal Wildlife Possession

Sometimes, a hunt may intentionally or unintentionally end in the killing and possession of 1) more animals than allowed by the license and/or tag or 2) the wrong species of animal that is allowed by the license and/or tag.

States often have strict laws regarding the illegal possession and killing of wildlife and may result in serious consequences such as fines, possible jail time, and other penalties.

When faced with a Department of Wildlife violation, you will need an effective criminal defense attorney. Learn more about our services at our website.