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Brent Martin is an experienced trial lawyer practicing both civil and criminal law. A native of Maryland, Mr. Martin now practices law in Mississippi. Mr. Martin attended The University of Denver where he completed his undergraduate studies with a Bachelor […]

Brent Martin is a knowledgeable and experienced attorney with over 20 years of experience. He practices both civil and criminal law. As a civil litigation attorney Brent Martin can address matters including, but not limited to, civil protection orders, breach of contract, contractual disputes, governmental regulations, zoning issues, real estate disputes, adverse possession, and easement matters.

If you have been charged with a crime in Mississippi, it is important that you contact a criminal defense attorney quickly. Brent Martin is skilled in negotiating on his clients’ behalf. As your criminal defense lawyer, Brent Martin can familiarize you with your judge and with the practices of local law enforcement agencies. He will also help you find the best path forward in your case.

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Mr. Martin will always consider the specific circumstances of your case. He will represent you to secure the best outcome based on your particular situation. Brent Martin prides himself on fighting for our clients’ interests aggressively, whether in the courtroom or pre-trial negotiation.

Whether you are looking for legal help with a traffic ticket, a violent criminal charge, personal injury, family or business matter rest assured that your case will get the attention it deserves. Brent Martin has the experience and knowledge to represent you and get the best outcome. Find out more about Mr. Martin here.

Initial consultations are free. Payment plans available. Call (228) 284-2014.

The Martin Law Firm serves the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Including the counties of: Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Stone, Forrest & Pearl River.

Whether your case is criminal, civil or governmental in nature, the Martin Law firm is ideally placed to assist you in getting the best outcome. No matter what area of law you need assistance in, the Martin Law Firm will bring our knowledge and experience to bear on the specifics of your case.

Initial consultations are free. Payment plans available. Call (228) 284-2014.