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Civil litigation attorneys can address matters including, but not limited to, civil protection orders, breach of contract, contractual disputes, governmental regulations, zoning issues, real estate disputes, adverse possession, and easement matters.

If you have been charged with a crime in Mississippi, you should call a criminal defense attorney quickly. Many counties have rather strict district attorneys and judges. Brent Martin is a criminal defense lawyer; and it will benefit you to have a skilled negotiator like him on your side for your first appearance or bond hearing. As a criminal defense lawyer, Brent Martin can familiarize you with your judge and with the practices of local law enforcement agencies. Your individual legal needs depend upon your personal, employment, medical, family and criminal history. A criminal lawyer can help you identify the best path for your success.

Our philosophy is straight forward:  represent our clients to the best of our ability and secure the best outcome for their case.

To accomplish this, we invest ourselves into the client’s case to understand both the client and the issues that brought them to us to begin with.  Combine that insight with the legal training and decades of experience brought to bear from the firm’s partners, and the best possible outcome will come about.

While other firms prefer quantity of cases, we believe in quality of representation. Our firm prides itself on representing our clients to the best of our ability and to fight for their interests, aggressively and skillfully.

Many firms will claim to put your interests first, but seldom do.  They get too busy with a multitude of clients and cases that are prioritized by value.  The Martin Law Firm prides itself on treating all cases with the utmost care and attention.  Whether it be a simple hearing on a traffic ticket, to a long criminal defense trial, every case is unique and every case gets the undivided attention it deserves.

Brent Martin brings 20 plus years of legal and litigation experience to every case he works on.  Experienced in pre-trial negotiation as well as in the courtroom, he can effectively represent your interests and will fight rigorously for the best result. Mr. Martin brings an extensive background of experience in legal matters to the practice on the Mississippi Coast and understands the complexities and differences that prevail in this part of Mississippi.  Whether your case is criminal, civil or governmental in nature, the Martin Law firm is ideally equipped to assist you in obtaining the best outcome to your case.

Mr. Martin’s preferred areas of practice include Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation and Personal Injury Law.


No matter what area of law you require assistance in, Martin Law Firm lawyers are available, and will bring their considerable knowledge and experience to bear on the particulars of your case to secure the best outcome.